Pinnacle Pushes Arkansas’ Only Broad 1 Gigabit Internet Service

Through what have been more than $6.55 million in investments that began in 2006, Pinnacle Communications is now offering one gigabit Internet service to its about 1,000 customers in and around Lavaca.

It’s the only exchange in Arkansas to offer the speed to all customers.

The service in the Sebastian County city west of Fort Smith was rolled out on Thursday (Oct. 16). Pinnacle President Keith Gibson said the service puts Lavaca on the map with much bigger cities.

“Google has rolled out 1 Gig service in Kansas City, and AT&T has plans to provide the service in Atlanta, St. Louis, Miami, Chicago and other cities,” Gibson said in a statement. “Because we made the decision several years ago to rebuild our territory with fiber to every home and business, we are now in a position, after significant investment in upgrades, to offer Gigabit service to our customers in the beautiful rural community of Lavaca.”

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