Fiber Optics Make Way to Fort Smith Medical School, Chaffee

A Lavaca-based company extended its 37-mile fiber optics pipeline to serve the growing Chaffee Crossing and a new medical college.

The service provider, Pinnacle Communications, tied its “fiber optic backbone” into Chaffee from the Arkansas 96 and 22 area, company spokesman Drake Smith said.

“We have fiber all throughout Chaffee Crossing,” he said, adding that Chaffee will have “the highest technologically-available” service in the state. “That’s a big deal for a business when they are evaluating different locations and deciding where to do business.”

The 1 gigabit, high-speed Internet was turned on last week, Smith said. The company indicated to the Fort Chaffee Redevelopment Authority that it spent about $1 million to extend the fiber optics.

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